International projects

International projects

We realise – through multi-year training, research and development programmes – systemic interventions co-designed with international partners, for upskilling and reskilling of local communities, social professionals, women and young people.


Social economy ecosystems development in the Balcan Region, E.L.B.A Project


Capacity Building for Social Economy in Conflict Areas, ARAMAZ - Armenia

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Modelling innovative practices for mental health inclusion, Bosnia Erzegovina


New competence for community engagement, HECSOs


Higher Education Institutions innovation of community management curricula, PROMENHANCE

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Empowering Women through increasing STEM competences, WESTEM


Innovative education for social inclusion
via codesign practices, Atelier

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Development of democratic skills for vulnerable people, LICEAL


Environmental risk prevention for young people, EUTH CLIMATE

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Young people protagonists of fighting climate change in urban peripheries, YOU PRO CLIMA


Young generations, marginal areas, new skills to tackle climate change, EYES

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