Capacity Building for Social Economy in Conflict Areas: ARAMAZ – Armenia

Target: Local community, local public and private actors, Caritas in Armenia.

Funder: GIZ - German Agency for Development Cooperation and Caritas Italiana

Accompanying programme for Caritas to jointly define and implement with local actors a strategy to develop an ecosystem for the social economy in Armenia.

The capacity building process started in May 2023 to support Caritas in increasing its expertise, generating resources, building networks, creating opportunities and promoting advocacy processes together with stakeholders operating in the most vulnerable regions of Armenia.

The programme includes live training sessions in Armenia (June 2023 and February 2024) and online mentoring sessions facilitated through the S-nodi Education communication platform and learning tools.

The involvement of experts, analysis of past experiences and the use of digital tools helped Caritas in the development of its strategy.

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