Young people protagonists of fighting climate change in urban peripheries, YOU PRO CLIMA

Target: Young people, young leaders, youth organisations and organisations dealing with environmental issues
Partner: Yepp (IT), Geinnova (ES), The Square dot Team (BE), S-nodi (IT), Asociatia Grupulde actiune localanapoca Porolissum (RO).
Funder: The project is funded by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Commission

YOU PRO CLIMA is a joint journey towards a sustainable future,in which young people lead meaningful climate initiatives in dialogue with other peripheral European communities.. The multi-year project is dedicated to young people from peripheral territories, considering them key actors in the fight against climate change. The main objective is to foster the transition from awareness to active engagement, equipping young people with the skills, with self-confidence and opportunities to ead change processes in their communities. The project will develop digital learning tools on the topic, guidelines for local civic organisations to implement impactful initiatives,and recommendations for local policy makers.

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