Young generations, marginal areas, new skills to tackle climate change EYES

Target: Young people mainly from marginalised urban areas and organisations working with young people and non-formal education programmes.
Partner: Projects For Europe (BE) e MIITR-International Institute for Implementing Sustainable Development (SI)
Funder: Erasmus+ Programme Key Action 2, Small-scale partnerships in youth

The climate change has a major impact on health, safety and human prosperity in marginalised urban areas.. These communities bear the brunt of extreme weather events, to combat which it is also necessary to redesign civic challenges of their areas. The one-year projectaims to pilot an international training programme intended for young people aged between 17 and 29, to provide them with tools to become climate activists in their territories. Informed and empowered young people will be more likely to actively engage and take on key roles in active citizenship organisations in their communities, bringing the issue of climate change to the top of their civic engagement agenda.

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