Innovative education for social inclusion via codesign practices, Atelier

Target: Social workers and managers, university students and researchers.
Partner: Politecnico di Torino (IT), Akadimos (GR), Caritas Europa (EU), KC Kompetenscenter (SE), Politechnic University of Bucarest (RO), Synthesis (CY), Lusofona University (PT)
Financier: EU programme Erasmus + Key action 2 - Partnership for cooperation.

The ATELIER project aims to strengthen the collaboration of universities with civil society organisations, focusing on design for social inclusion.

The project partners set up a transdisciplinary research group to develop and disseminate innovative and evidence-based intervention models inspired by co-creation, co-design and community engagement principles

ATELIER addresses social inclusion for vulnerable people through participatory design processes. The project encourages stronger links between university research and civil society, training future social designers to co-create the conditions for an inclusive, just and sustainable society.

The project also works to improve university offerings by modelling co-design practices for social inclusion and producing teaching materials accessible to all.

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