We accompany people, communities and territorial networks to achieve social impact goals: through the approach of co-design and the methodology of Design for Social Impact, we develop training programs and strategic consulting to support them with tools and methodologies to design and manage impactful innovation results.

Our interest lies in helping to increase the skills of local communities on the approaches needed to make effective choices so that interventions on their own territory are durable, sustainable and meaningful.

Capacity building for innovation and local development

We offer support to public and private organizations to design innovative and inclusive long-term interventions.
We use participatory methodologies and creative spaces to accelerate collaboration among diverse stakeholders. We co-design systemic interventions with local stakeholders, capable of implementing services, development opportunities and new forms of governance, in order to transform the singularity of stakeholders into a system of actors producing shared benefits.

European design for practice innovation

We carry out European projects in collaboration with a wide network of international organizations to promote the development of community processes. We work in partnership with universities to foster cooperation with the Third Sector and public involvement. Together with our European partners, we analyze, model and stimulate community engagement and management practices, creating tools and pathways for skills development.

Impact assessment

We are experts in evaluating the impact of social networks and coalitions. We evaluate the results of collaborative projects and programs between different parties to improve their effectiveness. We use innovative methodologies to provide utii guidance to institutions and organizations. We conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis, and train local stakeholders in evaluation. We adopt a qualitative, quantitative and participatory approach to ensure that the knowledge developed remains in the territories and is fully utilized by the actors in the processes.

Development of collaborative platforms

We work via collaborative platforms to easily and directly connect-with minimal intermediation-different actors who want to exchange information, goods, and services. We support Public Administrations and Third Sector organizations with ICT expertise in building digital solutions for innovative welfare and social and solidarity economy. We design and implement in-house continuing education pathways for Third Sector organizations.

Services for businesses:

Co-creation of community engagement-based ESG strategies

Impact reporting and social budgeting.

Analysis and design of ESG strategy and funding strategies (through grants or funds).

Communication, social media management, and reputation management.

Facilitation and cultural integration with partners from diverse background.

Consulting on organizational innovation and innovative governance.

Legal and administrative advice for transforming into benefit companies and establishing associations and foundations.

HR programs for team building, purpose involvement and talent attraction


Consulting on enterprise network contracts and partnership forms.

Support for complex project management.

Training, including advanced training, with a digital library of case studies and with hackathons.

Our services for NGOs, foundations, networks, Public Administrations:

Support to strategic planning; social innovation and social economy management; capacity development and learning paths design; monitoring and evaluation and impact measurement.

Methodological consultancy for the development of innovative projects, design for accessing funding sources for Public Administrations.

Accompaniment and facilitation of complex networks that co-design innovative interventions with impact : we design common benefits with businesses, Public Administration, Third Sector, for inclusive and environmental challenges with the collaboration of local communities.

Accompaniment in the redesign of charismatic organizations and regeneration of religious places.

Design and implementation of collaborative platforms to facilitate access to social services for citizens

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