Women, job, community engagement, Consonanze / Fa Bene Kitchen, Decoratori Imbianchini

Target: migrant women exposed to the phenomenon of double discrimination
Partners: Radio Beckwith, Terramadre Orchestra, Manal Association, Fa Bene Association, S-nodi benefit society
Funders: 8x1000 Waldensian Church

Consonanze is a cultural format and a radio column created by S-nodi and Associazione Fa bene with Orchestra Terra Madre and Radio Beckwith. It tells about projects and ideas that talk about solutions identified by communities for big problems such as work, the environment, the search for peace and migrants' rights, confirming the existence of a fairer and more people-friendly world. Consonanze offers columns, events and citizenship processes. The latest born process is Fa bene Kitchen, a cultural path to build new networks and new spaces of visibility formigrant women food and wine events, stories of migration, unseen skills, desires to be part of the community and rights that are missing. Told and animated by migrant women living in segregated suburbs.

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