14th July 2023

According to the Global Gender Gap Report 2023 of the World Economic Forum, wage gender gap is still an issue nowadays. Depending on the area, for the same full-time job, men do earn more than women working in the same role.

STEM is no exception: as stated in the publication “Educational Segregation in STEM/Non-STEM Fields and Wage Gender Gap: Evidence from the U.S.A.” of the Universitat de Barcelona,


Education not only promotes social and economic development and progress; it is laso considered to be the path to success for the disadvantaged groups. […].

Women have made great strides in education.

However, with the transformation of many countries’ econonomic base (from industry-based economies to information-based economies) and the rapid development of science and technology, the educational syste, and the focus of research fields in educational system must also change and adjust in response to this charge.

The partners of the WESTEM Project aim at contributing to enrich the traditional educational system, providing the support of mentors, shaping an online proactive community and helping women in STEM effectively to design and implement their educational path at best and lay solid foundations for their career.

The gender pay gap is – among all the reflections – not only a missed opportunity to get to actual inclusiveness. This gap also prevents society as a whole from getting to a progress that is fair, just and socially distributed: a progress that doesn’t leave behind any disadvantaged group, and a key educational factor that contributes to giving equal opportunities to everyone.

Stay tuned to know more about the next steps of the project, its goals and its developments, and about the gender wage gap, the thematic axe of the month of July.


Official website of the project: https://www.westem.eu/