23rd June 2023

The final step of the Programme Supporting the Social Economy in Armenia, that S-NODI designed for the local Caritas, ended last week.
S-NODI aims to empower the competencies of the Armenian Caritas staff and strengthen the network of cross-sectoral cooperation for creating an ecosystem where social enterprises can thrive. This is key to give a more sustainable support to vulnerable people of Armenia.


Which are the toolswe’ve been developing?

First, we’re shaping a platform where developing new skills, generating resources, intensifying network, creating opportunities and carrying out advocacy processes is easier, faster and more effective.

The course is composed by on site training sessions in June and online meetings focussing on mentorship in Autumn: the whole path is being supported by resources provided by the Platform of S-NODI Education.

Which are our goals?

We want every participant to be able to design a roadmap that traces a path so that the social economy in Armenia can develop relying on better tools and having coordinated organizing principles and guidelines.
We enjoyed these days and we’ll be glad to give you more info about the next steps and the outcomes!


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