A restaurant business model for work and cultural inclusion, Decoratori e Imbianchini, Turin

Benefit Enterprise experience: catering, inclusion, culture,

Target: migrants, people in a vulnerable situation and adults retrained after job loss, young professionals from the hotel school, cultural institutions, the public of cultural events
Partners: Grup (a benefit company that deals with the entrepreneurial accompaniment of territorial initiatives), the Borgo Po Cooperative and Decorators of Turin, the CNOS-FAP Vocational Training Centre of San Benigno Canavese

A historical place in Turin's social and cultural life, promoted by the Cooperativa Borgo Po e Decoratori di Torino, the Trattoria Decoratori & Imbianchini reopened in 2016 as a benefit company, combining the catering service with a rich schedule of cultural events, positioning itself at a local level as a point of reference and experimentation between art and cuisine, becoming a replicable and attractive model for other contexts through the combination of quality food, social and labour inclusion of young people and migrants,and the promotion of emerging cultural realities in the area. S-nodi created a benefit company (S-nodi Benefit). The choice of the Benefit Company was a courageous choice in order not to stigmatise young people and to responsibly and transparently pursue objectives of common benefit and positive effects on the community. S- node Benefit employs 10 people on a permanent contract and receives no contributions of any kind: its commercial leverage is the job done well.

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