20th July 2023

S-NODI is partner of the ErasmusPlus project LICEAL: the common goal is to “help LInk Citizenship and Employability perspectives in Adult Learning strategies and practices”. Within the Project, we’re looking forward to contributing to the many project’s outputs, that will be:

– The Analytical Review of Adult Learning Practices, to answer the following question: what’s the link between Citizenship and Employability Learning Outcomes?

– A set of relevant adult learning practices;


– The Support toolkit for Integrated Learning (Citizenship and Employability go hand in hand) : we want this tool to make a difference for adult learners in the next future;

Guidelines and Guides: we want to shape an effective list of guidelines for Educators, and a Guide Box for Policies concerning Adult Learning Paths and the integrated Design of Citizenship and Employability for them: which are the most innovative strategies on learning? Which are the opportunities for personal development to grab?

Policy Recommendations addressing public bodies acting in the field of (citizenship) education, training and employment.

Get in touch with us to have more information about this project: we’ll be happy to reply.