Modelling of circular economy practices, Golden Links, Caritas Italiana

Solidarity-based circular economy project: transformation of discarded goods into products that can be used again and creation of relationship systems.

Target: recipients of donated products who are members of the Caritas aid network or are in detention.
Funders: Banca Intesa Sanpaolo, Caritas Italiana

Golden Links is a project that sees the system collaboration of large quality clothing manufacturers, banks and NGOs in the re-purposing of waste into opportunities for integration, job placement, and the creation of new social enterprises in the local communities involved. It was born in 2018 from a problem turned into an opportunity: the difficulty of finding suitable underwear, clothing, footwear and the willingness to bring together those who produce with those who can distribute and transform the garments.

S-nodi designed the pilot experiment, accompanied the organisations involved to think in terms of system and replicability, modelled the practice thanks to an investment by Intesa Sanpaolo.

Today, the project is walking on its own feet, involving 92 Caritas Solidarity Empori and 25 prison institutes. In the course of 2021, there were about 20,000 beneficiaries of the interventions.

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