Food and community engagement, Fa Bene, Turin

Circular economy model that, thanks to access to quality food, generates participation by creating inclusive communities.

Target: low-income families, young people, migrants, small and medium-sized farmers, local traders, local communities.
Partners: Coldiretti of Turin, Legambiente, Metropolitan City of Turin, other local and national public bodies.

Distributed in Turin in collaboration with the Neighbourhood Housing Network and the Barolo Social District, it is a project born in 2013 in a suburban context of Turin - the Barriera di Milano district - from the reading of the needs of the territory. Initially conceived as a project for the recovery and redistribution of quality food, thanks to the accompaniment of S-NODI, Fa Bene" has become a scalable model of inclusion and access to food as a vehicle for improving health, based on reciprocity and theactivation of local communities,currently being disseminated in neighbouring municipalities and other Italian regions, but also ready for the international level.

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