S-nodi is a group of non-profit and for-profit organizations that works to promote structural interventions for inclusion, cohesion, and economic prosperity in local communities, ensuring the full development of individuals and their living environment.


We aim to foster cohesion, sustainability, and collective care in local communities, enabling individuals and places to thrive. Our goal is to strengthen social and solidarity economy systems, fostering networks, opportunities, and empowering change makers.

We are committed to developing creative, tangible, and shared visions in the territories where we operate, empowering individuals and organizations to shapethe future.

We start from vulnerability to build robust interventions and envision a better future.


We strengthen the capacities of local actors in achieving sustainable development goals through projects, practices, programs and policies.

We invest in innovationwith a focus on community engagement and management methodologies, learning design, and inclusive digitization.

We use action research, theory of change, and systemic design to support territorial networks in addressing change challenges and redefining projects, needs, outcomes, and impact collaboratively.