20th September 2023

Community Engagement is the the process of involving and collaborating with community members in decision-making, problem-solving, and development initiatives that will make a change in their lives.

A carefully designed, competently coordinated initiative of community engagement can have a range of positive effects not only on the community that is playing an active role in it, but also on the Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) involved.


Within the 🇪🇺 Erasmus Plus HECSOs Project, University researchers and students are playing a central role, setting up ad hoc research groups in the partner Universities, that will work with CSOs professionals to collect, analyse, model and re-elaborate data and practices in different forms, such as models, recommendations, and toolkits.

Let’s shape learning paths and guidances that will enable Universities and Organisations to boost their abilities to produce an impact in society and engage the communities around them!

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Official website of the project: https://hecsos.eu/